About Me

My name is Rushika Guniganti, and I am a junior at Brea Olinda High School. I am currently in Gita 3 at BOHS, and am learning how to code Flash Animation. This is my third year in the GITA program, and I have learned the languages of C#, HTML, and JavaScript. The most challenging aspect of this year is the fact that the program we code on has an unclear of telling us what we are doing wrong. This makes it hard for us to fix our code, because we don't really know what is wrong with it. With Flash, you can create animations, and I hope to create some amazing ones as the year goes on. With my new knowledge of computer science this year, I hope to increase my scope of knowledge, and create some beautiful projects that I can look back at in the future.



A cute little avatar that I created and wrote a backstory of.


Greeting Card

My Avatar on a Greeting Card for a holiday.


A simple animation project where I created a transition from night to day on a landscape.

Game Tribute

A tribute to one of my favorite retro games, Pac-Man.

Baby Sloths

A group project that I had to do where we had to create a take on a certain game idea.


A step by step tutorial on how to make an Eye of Ender in Minecraft.

Child's Game

A game made for children where you have to find a dragon named Rolf hidden in the leaves.